Game gives back this Christmas

Every year, Game stores offer a Christmas Gift Wrap service to save customers the hassle of having to wrap their own gifts! Each gift is wrapped by us (with love!) for a small fee of R6 per metre regardless of the number of items to be wrapped per meter


Up to 1m =R6

Up to 2m = R12

Up to 3m = R18

Up to 4m= R24


The proceeds of the Game Christmas Gift Wrap service go towards the Game AmaLunchbox project.


Game AmaLunchbox

Game stores - Africa’s largest discount retailer of general merchandise is a responsible corporate citizen that makes an impactful contribution to the upliftment of societies by giving back to the communities in which it operates.


Game’s over arching CSI objective is to contribute to the country’s social development agenda and to be a responsible corporate citizen that makes a continuous and impactful contribution to the upliftment of the local society. In line with this objective, 1% of Game’s net profit after tax is allocated to various corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives. The Game CSI programme is strategically focused on education, early childhood development and feeding schemes in local communities.


The plight of disadvantaged and malnourished children in South has grown to pandemic proportions. Hungry children cannot concentrate on their school work, as a result of this sombre reality; the Game AmaLunchbox project was officially launched in 2008 to assist in curbing the detrimental effects of hunger on the educational development of children.


Although government run feeding schemes do exist for disadvantaged primary schools, many of the recipient schools to do not have the essential, basic facilities that assist with the hygienic preparation of food. Through the AmaLunchbox project, Game makes a meaningful contribution to disadvantaged schools nationwide by providing them with the facilities that will permit the schools to prepare nutritious meals for the students in hygienic conditions. Through this project, Game donates mobile kitchens complete with industrial gas burners, plumbing facilities, sinks, a pantry, stainless steel counters, cooking utensils and enough bright pink tumblers and bowls for every child.

Buoyed by a full stomach, peace of mind and the awareness that Game cares for their wellbeing, the future opportunities for the learner beneficiaries of the AmaLunchbox initiative are endless!


Below: The front of the AmaLunchbox Kitchen 


Below: The back of the AmaLunchbox Kitchen


Below: GameStaff at an AmaLunchbox Handover



Below: Recipients of an AmaLunchbox Kitchen



Below: Game staff handing out lunchboxes