Game Cellphone Insurance


Have you ever been stranded without your cellphone?

Can you imagine what you would do if your cellphone was lost or you accidentally damaged it, or if it was stolen?

The truth is, we fail to realise what a necessity our cellphone has become and the convenience it provides, until our phone gets stolen or lost or even damaged.

Then we realise how impossible it is to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues alike.

That is why the Game Cellphone Insurance is a must-have and with your phone insured, you no longer have to worry.

This insurance has been specially arranged for GAME customers with The Hollard Insurance Company Limited.

All you need is to have purchased your new cellphone from GAME in order to take advantage of this offer.


What are the benefits?

If your cellphone is accidentally lost or stolen, it will be replaced with the same or similar phone.  In the case of an accidentally damaged cellphone , should it be able to be repaired, it will be repaired and not replaced. What is great about our offer is that your cellphone insurance cover is activated upon registration.


What should I have with me when I go instore to insure my cellphone?

Visit any of Game’s nation-wide Cellphone Kiosk and make sure that you have the following information handy when registering:

• Cellphone number
• IMEI (Serial) number
• Name and address
• ID number
• Bank account details – Bank, branch, branch code and account number

All you have to do when purchasing your cellphone is select the appropriate pack that you require to cover the value of your cellphone, hand it to the cashier and pay for the pack.

Thereafter, call the share call number to register your details. Please, do make sure that your information is captured by the call centre – your policy will not start and you will not be entitled to any benefits until you have registered your policy.

Make sure that you keep the following information safe with you after insuring your phone:

• Store at which cover and cellphone was purchased

For any further information on this product, please call the GAME Insurance Helpline on 0861 005 675.

What do you pay for insuring your cellphone?

You can have cover for your cellphone for up to R6000, dependent on the cover selected and the value of your cellphone.


The Game Cellphone Insurance, which is underwritten by Hollard, a licensed Financial Services Provider, covers cellphone for:

• Accidental damage
• Accidental loss
• Theft


Our sales agent instore will provide you with a thorough explanation of this fantastic offer – which is available to you, an owner of a newly purchased cell phone from Game.


How do I get my repaired or replaced phone after claiming?

All you need to do is contact our call centre on 0861 005 675 with your cellphone insurance details.

Claims are handled within 72 hours of receipt of all required documentation.

The greatest benefit of peace of mind is that replacement or repaired cellphone is couriered directly to you.


Please Note

Cover is only available on cellphones that are purchased at GAME.

Subject to Policy Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the Terms and Conditions provided in the Insurance Pack you have purchased instore




How to Contact Us

To register your details, please call our Call Centre.


Call Centre: 0861 005 675
Fax Number: 0865 696 792
Email Address:
Postal Address: Hollard c/o Finrite, P O Box 22524, Helderkruin, 1733


This Cellular Insurance product is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited. Hollard is a Licensed Financial Services Provider.