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FAQ | Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Is Game open to shoppers?
Yes. The 122 stores in South Africa will continue to trade throughout the lockdown. We will continue selling groceries, pet food, household cleaning items, toiletries, pet and baby products. We are unable to sell you electronic appliances, gardening and sports equipment.

What time are your stores open?
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 3pm

Can I collect my social grant from Game?
Yes, you can collect your social grant from 30 March to 3 April, 9am to 5pm at selected Game stores. Click here to see which Game store you can collect your grant from.

Will you be increasing your prices?
Our Lockdown Price Freeze Promise means that we will not increase prices on essential items during the 21-day lockdown.
Current sale prices will revert to everyday pricing when the promotion period is over.
Fresh produce cannot be included in the price freeze as we take delivery daily from fresh produce markets so the pricing is variable.

Can I still buy online at
Yes. You can buy selected food, household cleaning items, pet food, toiletries and baby products online, and we will deliver this during the 21-day lockdown with enhanced safety precautions, like use of hand sanitisers before and after every delivery or collection, and contactless deliveries.

Customers will also still be able to order non-essential goods, such as electrical appliances, gardening and sports equipment and furniture online during the lockdown. But we will only be able to deliver these items to customers after the lockdown.

What can I not buy from Game during the 21-day lockdown?
We are unable to sell electronic appliances, such as fridges, chest freezers, stoves, two-plate hotplates and heaters, as well as furniture and gardening and sports equipment. You can still place an order for these goods online, but we will only be able to deliver it to you after the country-wide lockdown.

What can I buy from Game during the 21-day lockdown?
You can buy dry groceries, such as tins of food, sauces, eggs and so on. You can also buy household cleaning items, toiletries, pet and baby products.
We will also continue paying social grants and offering other money-market services, such as airtime, prepaid electricity and money transfers.

What safety measures have you put in place for deliveries?
Our drivers will keep 60%+ alcohol hand sanitiser on them at all times. They’ll apply it before picking up, and before dropping off parcels, as well as after all non-delivery breaks.
There will be no physical contact between the delivery courier and you. The courier will ensure that there is at least 2m between you at all times, by announcing themselves to you, leaving the parcel at your front door and stepping back for you to open your door and collect it.
In the case of the use of handheld device, the driver will request your name and surname and complete the delivery on the device on your behalf.
Our courier partners will be installing hand sanitiser stations in all key entry and exit points in hubs and depot.
Please remember to wash your hands regularly, before and after receiving your delivery. Please avoid direct contact with drivers, such as handshakes.

How are you catering to pensioners?
We will continue offering delivery on essential items during the lockdown, to try and get goods to all South Africans during this time. If pensioners choose to shop in-store we have dedicated till points specifically for them, to help make shopping faster. 

What are you doing to make it safe for me to shop in your store?
Game has various measures in place to maintain a clean and healthy environment in our stores. We have ramped these measures up even further. For example, we are:
Taking all necessary measures to increase hygiene in our stores, such as increasing the frequency with which we wipe down high touch point surfaces and shopping trolleys
Providing customer hand sanitiser points throughout the store
Intensifying staff awareness of personal preventative measures to protect their and your health
Practising social distancing in stores

Do you have enough stock to meet my needs?
We are dedicated to keeping our stores stocked and prices fair. We are working especially hard to replenish hand sanitisers, cleaning supplies, paper products, and other in-demand items as quickly as possible and at our everyday low prices.