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Due to higher than normal volumes, we estimate 7-10 working days delivery time. We appreciate your patience and understanding, until we return to normal delivery times.
If you have queries, contact us on 0861 426 333 or 
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Local Money Transfers


Send and Receive money using Standard Bank Instant Money at any participating Game store.



How it works

  • Go to any Game Money Centre or cigarette counter
  • The money can be sent to anyone, up to R5 000 per day and R25 000 per month
  • The Sender has to take their SA ID, cellphone number, the recipients’ cellphone number. The sender chooses a secret 4-digit PIN and pays in the money to be sent including a R9.95 fee
  • The Sender receives a Money Transfer voucher number by SMS
  • It is the Sender’s responsibility to give the Money Transfer voucher number and the PIN to the person they want to receive the money
  • Make sure you only give the PIN number to the person who will collect the money on the other side
  • The money can be collected immediately at any Money Centre in participating Game, Builders, Makro, Cambridge Foods and Rhino stores in SA
  • Money can also be collected at any Standard Bank ATM or other Instant Money agent in SA



 International Money Transfers


You can pay for cross-border money transfers for Hello Paisa, MamaMoney and Mukuru as a bill payment at any participating Game store in SA. 


How it works 

  • Register with either Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru using their App, website, or call centre
  • Create an order using your preferred channel (App, Call Centre, USSD, etc.) with either Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru
  • Bring the Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru reference number to the Money Centre at any participating Game store, request an Account
  • Payment and give the reference number and cash to the cashier
  • Your money will be available in the destination country in accordance with the terms offered by Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru depending on which service you choose